Listed below are documents required to be published by smaller councils:

Transparency Code publications

Exemption Certificate: ohpcexemptioncertificate2018
Annual Governance Statement, End of Year Accounts and Variances, Internal Audit report: ohpcgovernanceaccounts2018
Publication rights: ohpc_public_rights_2017-18_-_exempt_authorities

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2017 ohpcnoticeofconclusion2017
External Audit report 2017 ohpcexternalauditreport2017
Public inspection Rights 2017 ohpcperiodofpublicrights2017
2017 Annual Governance Statement, End of Year Accounts and Variances, Internal Audit report ohpcaccounts2017  Unaudited accounts declaration ohpcstatuspublihedacs2017

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016 conclusion-audit-2016
2016 Annual Governance Statement, End of Year Accounts and Variances, Internal Audit report ohpcaccts016 External Audit Report external-audit-2016
Unaudited accounts declaration ohpcunauditdec016 ohpcpubrights016

All items above £100 (see minutes)

Location of public land and building assets ohpc-asset-location

Standing Orders OHpc Standing Orders May 2016

Financial Regulations OHPC Financial Regulations May 2016

Financial Risk Assessment OHPC Financial Risk Assessment May 2016

Equalities Policy OHPC Equality Policy

List of Councillors and responsibilities  OHPC responsibilities

General Data Protection Register
for staff, councillors and role holders: OHPC-PRIVACY-NOTICE-Approved-V01
Data Protection: OHPC Data protection policy (GDPR compliant) Mar 18
Record Retention: OHPC Retention Policy
Information kept: OHPC Data records


DPI ohpcdpiza016 ohpcdpiks015 ohpcdpipaa016 ohpcdpipdf016 ohpcdpiprt016

Code of Conduct over-haddon-code-of-conduct

Complaints Procedure OHPC Complaints Procedure 17